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Her love for architecture encouraged her to move from Iran at a young age to study in Italy at the University of Politecnico Di Torino. Not being able to go back to Iran because of the Revolution, she settled in Italy where she met her husband, Sharam. She became a successful entrepreneur and was able to create a large corporate business nation wide with her husband. A few years later, she decided to move to Canada to be with her maternal family, who were persecuted in Iran because of their beliefs and found refuge in Canada in 1982. Having fallen in love with Canada, she permanently moved to Vancouver in 1992. Maintaining her ties with Italy, she helped Sharam with their different businesses in Italy and their import and export business. In 1993 her daughter, Hedieh, was born in Vancouver and after a few years decided to continue to pursue her passion in real estate. In 2009 she became a licensed Realtor, which allowed her to express her experiences as a businesswoman and investor for the past 30 years.



Being passionate about business since his childhood, he became a very successful businessman at a young age. He was successful in many businesses, did import and export, and he travelled many different countries around the world.  He originally came to Italy from Iran to study architecture but then he met Nava and together they started a large corporate business that succeeded nation wide. He had other businesses in Europe, including real estate, and he created different factories in Italy and Canada, travelling between these two countries. Recently, he decided to stay mainly in Canada working as a Realtor on the North Shore and Vancouver. He is a great resource for anyone that works with him. His rich life experience and joyful character allows him to make the best deals in residential and commercial transactions. He has a great passion for life and loves working with his family. A family or Realtors can better serve their clients, who are looking for Realtors they can trust and that have great experience.



Born and raised in Vancouver Canada but also lived in Torino, Italy, she has had the blessing of being raised in both cultures. Coming from a family of Persian background, she has gained a deep sense of living in three different cultures, from very different continents of the world: Asia, Europe and North America. This has given her the opportunity to gain knowledge from each unique background, which has allowed her to gain skills and experiences that come from living in different counties. She got licensed in real estate mid 2015 and has been working along since her parents since. Being able to speak three different languages fluently has given her a great advantage in the real estate industry.

Nava Manshadi

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